How Our Customer Service "Exceptionalism" Is Driving Thousands of Football Consumers to Pay for Our Program Events Online

You got to be a miracle worker to get a young Nigerian footballer to pay for a program online without meeting you physically (face to face) and getting you  to answer baraje of his objections.

First, majority of these players don't even earn "a dime" so they need to go the extra miles before they can raise money to pay for the program events... something they can be non-challant about.

Second, most of them may have heard stories or fallen into the hands of fraudsters who disguise themselves as player's agents... and they are skeptical about such programs advertised online.

So it's a Big Surprise to find GreenHunters Sports International easily persuading thousands of  football consumers to pay for their programs online. What's the catch? What are we doing that other foorball marketing companies in Nigeria aren't doing.... Why are we succeeding where others are failing. It's all about our Customer Service Exceptionalism.

One of the major mistakes most firms make, is trying to sell online. If you get pushy with your Sales message over the internet, you are most likely to loose most of the potential customers. We know this, so we just publicize our programs and allow the potential participants indicate their interest with simple CTA (more like a native link).

We understand that most LEAD needs ENGAGEMENT  (providing more information or education) to build the necessary TRUST required for CONVERSION before you can sell anything over the internet.

Truly, our customer service is exceptionally down to earth. I,  as the CEO of GreenHunters, I am the Chief Customer Service Officer...

We run a 24/ 7 consultancy service for our leads and customers... One thing you will quickly observe is that we have listening ears and leaning shoulders.. our interactions and choice of words are very friendly and cordial...

So the client is given opportunity to raise all possible objections..

Our approach is usually educational and consultative... We lead you on and let you see for yourself how the program will be beneficial to you. Our transparency and sincerity of purpose quickly build trust within the few minutes of our interaction. We quickly respond to compliants and nip it at the bud.

We have had to refund money back to our clients when program didn't hold and we had to appologize for such inconveniences. So you see, we enjoy good WORD OF MOUTH and lots of REFERRALS. Of course as you know, a referred client is almost like a loyal customer... you need little or nothing to get them to pay for the program online.

The point is this, we show a lot of empathy in our customer service. To help customers get what they want; we first empathize with them — to put ourselves in their shoes to better understand what they  really want and how we can go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams and purposes...

Most people that attend our programs turn out to become ambassadors afterwards; because often than not we exceed their expectations... so they go about singing our song and referring both their friends and loved ones. So you see our clients are not just customers, they are our ambassadors; our partners in business.

You may want know what kind of football program events we sell out there.

  • 1. We organize Trial Camp and Players Assessment programs for young players intending to jump start a professional football career or gain athletic scholarship to further their education both at college or university level. We offer them a short training program and get them to play in front of Scouts and Agents for possible selection.

  • 2. We Organize a football educational program for people intending to work as or improve their competence in area of player's Agency or sport marketing and management; Financing and managing sport events and organizations. It is more of a mentoring program to prepare our candidates not only for NFF licensing examinations, but to help them birth a new business for themselves... and be in a vital  network.

  • 3. We organize high level Seminars and conference for administrators, Football business and club owners as well as team managers. We organize such programs in conjunction with top brats in the industry: Soccerex Germany, Sport Business UK, Box-to-Box USA, Margaret Travels Australia...

In case you are interested in any of these program events, Contact us for more information, Call: +234 809 877 2556 or Email:

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