MMM United Vs Naira Bet - Find The Best Way Nigerians Are Making Money Online Today?

MMM United Vs Naira Bet, where would you like to stake (invest) your money today? It sounds like a  football match, eh?  No. it's more of a financial match if you ask me.

MMM United has introduced a financial windful that most Nigerians has gone after!  It is called global financial Accommodation, where you register and donate a specified amount of money to someone who needs it in the network and in few days after, MMM United credit your account and you make 30% interest (ROI) in a month.

It's a kind of a  community network Marketing regime and financial system that most sturdy analysts do not fully  undestand. But it is gaining a lot of grounds and many Nigerians are already making millions of Naira from it in barely two months or so.

SURPRISE, you may just be the only one who hasn't heard about it or even sign up as a team member of this incredible MMM United.

 Oh, Give me a break, you may say...

But, MMM United is spreading like a burning bush in harmattan season and you can't just wish it away. Since the company launched in August 11, 2016... over 4 million people has signed up in Nigeria alone.

Such response is a confirmation of the appealing nature of the initiative to the public and a show of support and solidarity for the MMM United community.

The community is already going viral on various social media platforms and we are monitoring chatter on every significant place on the internet. This is another way to confirm the initiative’s success and its appeal to the public.

 It is now taking the shine off Sport Betting and major Multi Level Marketing plaforms... It's voraciously eating up  (cannibalizing) the daily revenue of bigwigs  like Naira Bet, Forever Living, Tianshi, Bit Coins...the reason being that many sports fans are already switching over.

While the entire Sport Betting industry in Nigeria makes an average revenue of N1.2 billion Naira daily... MMM United as one community, is already getting its team members to exchange money worth NN850 million Naira daily.

But most skeptics wonders if MMM United is sustainable since the platform has clashed before and it's operational system is a bit mysterious.

Central Bank of Nigeria has warn that MMM United may be another Wonder Bank that ended up as a scam.

But like my friend Stanley Oguma would say, "Enjoy it while it lasts, but be careful that you don't over fire and eventually loose your investment capital." he warns.

We are still watching if MMM United would accomplish more than what Naira bet has achieved so far in Nigeria. It's one platform that has empowered youths far beyond what the government or any other organization have done.

The numbers are incredible. Over 30, 000 Agents and 100,000 betting outlets across the country. Over 3 million stakes, worth over N300 million revenue daily. Naira bet has built up over 10, 000 young millionaires in the country and are still building more; mosince the past few years.

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