It's A Hell of A Job Guiding An African Footballer to Heaven (Career of A Player's Agent)

First, let's start out by being honest with each other... being a football player's  Agent (intermediary) isn't as easy as it looks in the movies.

There is course work to take, exams to pass, recruiting to do, contracts to understand, marketing of players  to accomplish... And even after all that, chances are you are not going to get the Mandate to represent Kelechi Iheanacho into a big team like Manchester City!

Well, you could do some other smaller transfers..

You could take up to represent someone like Segun Aboride rightnow showing extraordinary skills at Maracana field Ajegunle or Titus Obinna firing from all cylinders  in Eziobodo training camp Owerri... You could do that quickly before they get discovered and call up to U17 or U21 national team.

If you have vital connections to the right network, you can transfer players to the other side of Europe: Malta, Moldova, Belgium, Greece, Austria...

But what does that tell you?

It tells you that Tranfers doesn't happen everyday, not so often even for the most experienced Agents...

 So you must organize your personal finances. A successful transfer of a youngster to a top flight club in Europe or China could put a lot of money in your hands at one go. But you must invest into others businesses that  could sustain a more regular income for you and your family daily upkeeps.

You can be as rich as the players you transferred who are still loyal to you...  who can put you in their payroll as  their manager. Of course, it isn't for nothing, you must have the cognate knowledge and skills as well as experience in organizing things: tax matter, medical, family issues, media relations, national team call ups and club releases... those things the player cannot do for himself.

The opportunities are out there, waiting to be harnest, that's why you should talk to us at GreenHunters Sports International.

May be you have to enroll in  our 8-weeks Agency and Player's Management home course here in Nigeria ... Lectured by a Sport Marketing and Management Consultant and CEO of GreenHunters Sports International, Benson Chukwueke... is your best way to get into football as a well trained player's  manager, capable of representating your clients at the highest level.

You see, players aren't ungrateful as many Agents perceived. The truth is, as a player grows and make progress in his career,  he would equally need a top class (well skilled and connected Agent) to represent his interest at the top flight level... And if you don't possess what it takes, it is more logical that the player go for another Manager, forget about sentiments.

No one wins big by sitting on the sidelines - the time is now to get into the game. Sign up today and start down the path of a professional football management career

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