What'll 2017 Bring for Those Seeking to Start or Improve their Football Career - Let Me Blow Your Mind

 We're all looking forward to the new year with a renewed hope and expectations...What'll 2017 bring?

Well, I'm not a Prophet or a Soothsayer... but I can give you a clear precise answer,  that may even blow your mind... 2017 will bring NOTHING!

It's really not about the year, it's about you. Believe me, opportunities are available everyday for that dream football career of yours. The issue is, are you prepared to take the opportunities  that  may come your way in 2017?

To answer this question correctly, examime yourself, if you really took the opportunities of 2016; did you move forward and made progress in your intentions to pursue a football career... or are you still full of excuses, blaming everyone else except you?

The challenge is, if you continue the blame game, doing the same things you did 2016, you are most likely to get the same result in 2017. YOU WILL REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE TODAY or even worst off.

So it's not about the year. 2017 will surely come with a lot of opportunities, but are you PREPARED to take them as they come your way?
If you plan for NOTHING, you'll surely get it. So, don't operate the first law of madness..."doing the same thing the same way, but expecting a different result."

Don't You Get into 2017 without a clear plan for your football career...the step(s) you need to take towards realising your football dreams. Don't be at the sidewalk, you got to get out of your shells, ready to take some well calculated risk.

The question is what's the  next step forward? Do you need to find a way to get into a well established academy or go to a trial camp? Do you need to find the right player intermediary or Sport marketing Agency to represent you. Do you need to enrol for football business school or take up an internship...what is the next thing you need to do towards  realising your dream in 2017.

1. Attend a football academy: There are many academies in Nigeria as well as abroad. All you need is to make inquiries what it takes to get enrolled. You can check out this: 10 World Class Football Academies in Nigeria...

The advantages of attending a world class academy is that you will be well trained in techniques and mental assuteness. You can really chance to be selected into the cadet national teams like U16 Golden Eaglets camp.

2. Attend a trial camp: If you are already a graduate of a football academy then you must plan to attend a trial camp. There are many genuine trial camp in Nigeria and abroad like Aspire Academy, FootballCV... Check out GreenBall Trial Camp 2017. Call: +234 809 877 2556 or Email: gh.sports1@gmail.com

The advantages of attending trial camp is you have the chance to play in front of Agents and scouts, who may select you and give you the opportunity to tryout in a real professional club. In trial camps like GreenBall, you are thought football business education for players and extended career matters.

3. Find the Right InIntermediary: It is a waste of time still awaiting, believing that one day a scout or an agent will come and pick you up and take to Real Madrid. It won't happen that way.You have to go out to look for the right agent (now called player's Intermediary). Many players said they have tried and fell into the hands of fraudsters. The question is, are you going to stop searching for the right ones? Check out this: 5 Topmost Football Player's Agents in Nigeria

The advantages of getting the right agent is he will not only help you find a professional club where you can go for trials, an intermediary will help you negotiate the right contract and take care of your welfare as a player.

4. Find A Sport Marketing Agency: sport marketers are even more versatile in representing players...marketing them to both agents and clubs as the case may be. Players would always need sport marketers even when they are established stars. You can contact us at GreenHunters Sport Marketing International. Call: +234 809 877 2556 or email: gh.sports1@gmail.com

The advantages of working with sport marketing agency is they will better package you not just as player, but as a brand.... Promoting your strength and positive characteristics as well as try to manage your weakness and not too good dispositions.

My sincere advise to you... Don't find yourself in 2017 without a clear success plan for the year. Your plans and targets are what will drive you to move forward and achieve success in 2017.

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