How GreenHunters Sport Marketing Outfit in Nigeria,Work to Transform Raw Football Talents into World Class Brands

GreenHunters Sport Marketing International is betting that the next Nigerian Football star will be a true world class model to behold in this generation. And they are not taking it to Chance in educating young aspiring footballers the social and business implications of becoming a football star.

We find most of these youngsters in their raw state, some of them attend our talent Assessment programs or our trial Camps, without any slight idea of what the career of a professional football player is all about.

Our first question usually is, "Why do want to be a football star, a real world class star?" and we could see immediately how the question jot them. They may have not given it a real thought before.

Some tell us all sort of lofty dreams. They want to be as popular as John Mikel Obi or the upcoming  Kelechi Iheanacho... or world class brands like Cristano Ronaldo (CR7) and' Lionel Messi. They want to own mansions in Dubai or the Bahamas... and ride their own custom made luxury cars. Those kind of dreams that became the bane of most fallen players of yester-years.

Nothing is wrong in having big dreams, don't get me wrong. But when incredible huge amount of money get into the hands of these young players, it follows with alcoholism, illcit sex, doping and all sort of vices that may eventually destroy their fledging career.

Our job is to give them the right orientation even before they kick start their professional career. As these youngsters attend our trial Camps in Nigeria, we take the two weeks while in camp to educate them on the business - social ethics of being a professional footballer.

We go beyond just educating them , but to help them find a laudable course they should pursue when they become popular stars and the buck has started rolling in.

They must not forget their root, where they are coming from; they must not forget the suffering masses and the eco systems of the world. We help them discover their God-given purpose as a future football star of repute. Our aim is to create in them a world class brand that will truly be a role model and a helping hand in their generation.

Many others participate in our Seminars and Conferences through Inspire Football Life (IFL Community Network). Here, we present  them with their idols and Expert resource persons to open up their minds to these things and inspire them afresh.

We don't leave it at that. We select the outstanding talents among them and personally mentor them through managing their career from start. Help them make the right decisions of which country and club to go for trials and start up their career. We take care of the players welfare...from training, medical to taxation and other business investment...

We handle public relations... Corporate endorsements and sponsorship matters, Media, legal, community , family and friends relationships... We work as our players Guardian angels, gradually refining their image and well as building their reputation into world class brands.

If you are a young player in West Africa and you are interested in attending our next Talent Assessment or Trial Camp programs... Call: +234 809 877 2556 or Email: for further inquiries and detailed information.

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