Monetize Your Passion for Football,.. And Enjoy Life Everyday!

An amazing 55% of the people in the world identify themselves as football lovers.

Think about that for a second that means 3.5 billion people love the beautiful game, as it is called. Yet many of those same billions go to work every Monday to Friday, maybe leave their houses by 7am and get back by 6pm or so, doing something completely unrelated to what they love.

These people aren’t following their passion, they are going through the motions of life, anxiously waiting everyday to get away and go to play or watch their favorite team play. I found out that this is one of the root cause of stress and unproductively.

I have several people call in to say "I don't like my Job! I think I will be more relevant and fulfilled if I work as a football manager, agent, scout, coach, administrator... Of course, most of them don't have the heart to take the risk ...and follow their passion. The reason being they don't know how to monetize their love for football.

I once read a book by Peter Siehinzol titled: "Do What You like Doing Best, the Money Will Come After." that book changed my life. Each of us has our own make up and was created for a unique purpose. If you work in your God's predestined purpose you will be like a fish in water...your work will be your play. You can work 24 hours every day without feeling any form of stress...and be Happy!

Sometimes, we think this is not attainable or realistic, but you can and should monetize your passion.

At GreenHunters Sports International, that's what we preach and do. We're helping over 5, 000 of our clients achieve their dreams and monetize their passion in football. We provide opportunities and training, education to help you improve yourself to the point that the right people  or organizations will find rare value in you and ready to pay for your services.

Our foremost service is to assess talented players, set them on course for a more defined training and provide opportunities for they can in a short while jump start a professional football career.

For instance, In Nigeria, I have seen some individuals’ take up to become quack agents (intermediaries), and I know they are driven by their passion. But what they need to add is knowledge and some cognate skills, and then they can approach the FA with more obtain their license. We organize an 8 weeks private course in your chosen venue to not only educate you, but mentor you for affordable fees.

We can recommend institutions for you, where you can even take some of these courses online or World class conferences that provides you opportunity for networking.

And for those passionate fans (entrepreneurs) who want to invest in football, you can consult with us and get counsel on the areas of high profitability. We can help you birth a profitable football business in 90 days.

 I hear people say to invest in football in Nigeria isn't profitable. That's not true! Research has shown, there are areas of high profitability. Take for instance, Sport Betting in Nigeria. You only need to ask Akin Alabi to find out how lucrative it has been.

Sport betting is just one of the numerous areas of profitability in football business in Nigeria...finding out from DSty or StarTimes.

Whether you are looking to advance your career or business in football or get it kick started, we have options for your growth! Contact us: +234 809 877 2556 or email:

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