CheerOnNigeria Didn't create A Brand New Concept, So Why are Football Fans, Players, Coaches, Everyone Visiting the Blog Daily... What's the Difference?

 The evolution of blogging in Nigeria, and how some blogs took center stage in the life of the people have been nothing but disruptive.

Around 2006 or so, it was "Bella Naija" the lifestyle and gossip blog published by Uche Pedro, that broke the vogue niche. And every high class babes in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki then, where all about it.

But by 2010, emerge yet another lifestyle, gossip blog...not really a different concept, but "Linda Ikeji's Blog" took the social media by storm. It became the breakfast "cookies" and lunch time "ice cream" for the working class ladies at the big cities in Nigeria. More than that, Nigerians in Diaspora visit the blog daily to get "street gist" updates of what’s happening back home

In 2014 or there about, "Nairaland" yet came up to disrupt the trend with its popular forum...a platform where Nigerians go to air their views and argue about almost anything you can think of... from politics to sports, relationships, social and economic issues. It became the voice of Nigeria! To the extent that the Present Minister of information set a team of staff that regular monitor the activities on the forum.

There are thousands, if not millions of blogs in Nigeria, especially those blogging about football. You know how passionate Nigerians are when it come to the beautiful game, as it is called. Even mainstream media are very much involved in the competition for this niche. Websites like, Complete Sports, FourFourTwo, Punch, and Vanguard... get quite a lot of traffic on a daily basis.

Yet, CheerOnNigeria has come up to cause the latest disruption in the life of Nigerians and the world at large. But then you may ask, “Is it not the same football news and analysis that is shared on the blog also? So what's attracting football fans, players, coaches, administrators, everyone to visit CheerOnNigeria blog daily? Some people even visit more than once a day. What's the fuse about? What made the blog  difference really?

Perhaps, visiting by yourself may reveal a lot of stuff to you. So click the link and visit, if you have not done so before now:

Ojeikere Aikhoje, a foremost sports journalist and PR/Brand manager in Nigeria...who is the publisher of League Blogger Award and a presenter of "Football Made in Nigeria" on SuperSports has this to say:

"I am a regular visitor of CheerOnNigeria. The blog is just too inspirational the way it packages and presents Nigeria Football makes you feel proudly Nigerian. There are lot of info right from down memory lane to how it is happening now-now, and an intelligent peep into the future, to see how Nigeria football will fare from a business/marketing stand point."

Chisom Egbuchulam, Enugu Rangers striker, Most Valuable Player and second highest goal scorer 2016 NPFL Season; has this to say:

"Since I stumbled on CheerOnNigeria blog in 2015, I have never stayed a whole day without visiting the blog. There are lots of opportunities for football players and coaches. I have personally learned a lot about football business from most of the rev-articles I read on the blog. I want to use this opportunity to thank the publishers GreenHunters Sporr Marketing International...more greases to your elbows."

Shehu Dikko, Chairman League Management Company (LMC) administrators of Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) said

“You can't help but to keep in touch with a blog like CheerOnNigeria that fully support our vision and implicitly helping, in their own capability, to disseminate as well as persuade Nigerian football community to pay more serious attention to our local league. I love what they are doing and we need more social media platforms like that."

Bayonle Arashi, a football entrepreneur based in USA; founder of Midas Football Academy and Scoutballer, gave a lot of kudos to CheerOnNigeria blog:

"While other media platforms are more about criticizing Nigeria, CheerOnNigeria is presenting the good side of our dear country... Let everyone know about our football victories and records of individual players, national teams, club sides and even academies. I particularly love the way the publishers try to use the medium to empower passionate fans and youth players in the country... I just get so inspired with their vision and what they are doing presently."

Don  Ahmed, a football fan and a trader at Wuse Market:
" I read this Sports Betting article "Bet365 Sport Betting Formula - A Sure Bet." and following the instructions, I stake and won lots of money from bet365. I wrote the publishers of CheerOnNigeria pleading with them to send me more formulas... and their response was amazing. Since then, I developed this endearing love for the blog.

They have such an exceptional customer Service style. Even I spoke to the CEO on a day and I was surprise...he was all about trying to help me out with my need..all for Free!

"I keep wondering about their social services; and usually ask myself, how do they make money. They are so different from most businesses in Nigeria."

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