Barcelona Move to sue Neymar for Breach of Contract

Spanish LaLiga football club Barcelona has confirmed that it plans to sue former striker Neymar for breach of contract following his world record-breaking transfer to French Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain.

Barcelona has asked for €8.5m ($10m) in damages and is also asking for an undisclosed bonus that was paid to the player when he renewed his contract with the club last year to be returned, with 10 per cent of interest on top.

Barcelona added that if Neymar (pictured) is unable to pay the total, then PSG will be held responsible. PSG paid a €222m buyout clause to sign Neymar earlier this month.

Barcelona brought the case, which has only just been disclosed, on August 11 and has also notified football’s governing body in Spain, the RFEF.

However, Neymar has asked for a separate bonus worth a reported €26m to be paid to him by the Spanish club.

“Barcelona has sent the labour demand made against Neymar Jr at court (the Jutjat Social) on August 11 to the RFEF, so that they can take it to the French Football Federation and Fifa, to all legal ends,” the club said. “The club demands that Paris Saint-Germain assumes (responsibility for) the payments of any amounts in the event that the player cannot do so.

“Barcelona have taken this action in defence of its interests. That defence will be carried out according to established procedure at the appropriate institutions, without at any time entering into any dialectical battles with the player.

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