How to Monetize Your Football Passion and Turn It Into An Illustrious Career

I am enjoying my life working as a football Marketing consultant and making six digits on a monthly basis. But even if isn't paying, I'd still be doing this job. I'm like a fish in water, and swiming through the wavering storms up and down is just part of the fun. I just enjoy what I do daily.

One of the major thing that causes stress and unproductivity in a human life is lack of passion for the things they do. You're just working to make ends meet or just struggling to work because it is the most paying job around.

Job satisfaction is the key to enjoying life, not even financial freedom can beat that. I know there are several theories like "Take A JoB and Love It!" The truth is you are not fit for every job and any job that comes your way. My own theory to enjoying life is this "Do What You Love Doing and the Money Will Come Afterward." Do what you love doing and working becomes play for you.

Start what you love doing today. Go through the teething problems, improve on them and become an expert in it, then you can monetize it for an illustrious career. For instance, think about a person who has chosen a career as a "Stand Up Comedian." For just making jokes and creating a stage to deliver them to the right audience with active demand for it, many have made a living out of it and are enjoying all the days of their life.

Want to Make a Career in Football?
There's money in football business! Think about Neymar Junior for instance, one player signed for
€222m (two hundred and twenty two million euros). We have our own Victor Moses earning £18m ( eighteen million pounds) per year.

The business of football is still developing in Nigeria, but you can start now to position yourself in the area  presently lucrative in the country and build are career out it.

Come to think of it, football career isn't just about becoming a player. There are the core football area and a lot of anxillary (Supportive) areas you could also choose to build a career.

You could choose from the core areas to become a football player, coach, referee, Administrator or other backroom staff like Sport medicine, psychologyist, event and logistic officer, stadium design and maintenance...

There are other supportive areas you could choose from: football journalism and media coverage, football marketing and management, player's Agent and intermediary, football betting and gaming, sales and merchandising football products and services, football technology....

So you combine what you already have the expertise knowledge with your passion for football and see what career you can make out of it.

 Indeed, passion for football isn't enough, you must improve yourself and your football skills to the point  where people and organisations will be willing to pay and to consume what you offer them...This will be when you can really monetize and turn your football passion and skills into an illustrious  career.

At GreenHunter Sports International, we offer football career consultancy and can guide you as an aspiring football player, coach, administrator, match officials.... We also offer training for persons interested in football marketing and management, player's Agent and intermediary...

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