Best of 2017: Special Review to Start-off the New Year

Happy New Year! Today's Special Edition reviews the most read articles from CheerOnNigeria...Nigeria  Football business journal in 2017. Our New Year's resolution in 2018 is to become better at what we do keep deliverying sports business information and solution as it relates and affect football in Nigeria.

We are happy to be listed among the top15 All Sports blogs in 2017... Find out if you missed any of those Intriguing Posts that made the round last year. Some of them proffered evergreen solutions and could be a good way to take off with us this new year.

1. T B Joshua Foretell 2018 World Cup in Russia: Nigeria Will Be Great Again...
Nigeria will be great again... in everything that brings joy to our citizen. The lord is saying if we will let Him help us, we will be rich again.

"If you are willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land..." the Scripture says....Declare that Nigeria will qualify for 2018 World Cup in Russia, I forsee Nigeria  win... Read More

2. Find Out What Scouts Look for in A Footballer – Before You Go For Your Next Trial Test
Before you go for your next football  trials test, it is important that you find out what scouts look for in a footballer and begin building yourself to acquire both the Ability and Attitude.

I actually culled this article from Four Four Two, just to help our numerous young players  who visit or blog… to start preparing ahead.

A look inside the world of football scouting to find out exactly what the game's recruitment experts look for in their pursuit of talent..Read More

3. Football Trials Notifications: Let Us Inbox You Everytime An Opportunity Come Up At GreenHunters Sports International
One of the great services we want to render to you in 2017, may just be what you needed all the while... Now lets make up for the lack so you can achieve your football dreams this year

Everytime a football trial opportunity comes up, GreenHunters Sport Marketing International would like to share the news with subscribers... by sending details to their inbox... So you will never be in the dark again concerning the several football recruitment opportunities going on around the world... Especially the opportunities  we can help you access...Read More

4. China Trials: Get on the List of Nigerian Footballers Traveling to Shanghai - Find Out HOW!
Guess your question should be – HOW? How can I get on the list of footballers traveling to China for Trials?

Through Alibaba Connection…

Before I tell you how it works, let me inspire you a little...Read More

5. Interview: MTE Scouting and Trial Organizer Benson Chukwueke - Release Time Table for the Upcoming Trial Events in Nigeria
had a chat with  Sport Marketing Consultant and a co-organizer of Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE), Benson Chukwueke. Here’s what he had to say about his football work, MTE and upcoming football trials...Read More

6. Did You Know Your Amateur Club/ Academy is Entitled to Training Compensation When....
Nath Boys, an Amateur club in Lagos Nigeria got a training compensation of £1.7million, equivalent to  N790m (Seven Hundred and Ninty Million Naira) when their former player Wilfred Ndidi signed for Liecester city last season? But you may say Ndidi's first professional contract was with Genk in Belgium, why did Nath boys get compensated again?...Read More

7. Nigeria Professional Football League System - Everything You Need to Know
The highest level of football in Nigeria is the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), which was yet  another change of name in 2013... In a bid to rebrand and improve the league further, which has gone through several transformation process from Nigeria National Division1 league to Nigeria Premier League before the current structure.

 In 2012, the NPFL (then called, Nigeria Premier League) was ranked as the best in Africa and 24th best in the world by the IFFHS, the rating puts it a spot above the Scottish Premier League...Read More

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