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Why Our Scouting Report Is So Valuable to Players and Football Clubs around the World

It's regrettable, hundreds of thousands real talents don't get the chance to be scouted; especially in Africa where the football industry aren't well structured to harnest all there is. Consequently, lots of these rather outstanding talents just rout away like that. They never get the chance to go pro.

It amazes me every time a player performs at under 16 or under 21 world cup and then suddenly attracts interests from top clubs in Europe. The player’s talent was always there while he was in that remote village in Africa, but nobody saw it and no club was ready to sign a player that doesn't have CV and a transfer market value.

It happens every year and those who eventually fail to sign the rather unknown player loose out when the guy suddenly becomes hot cake. This is why I personally think the benefit of having neutral source, such as Masterclass Talent Exhibition (MTE) becomes a valuable asset for both players and clubs in West Africa and around the world.

My Scouting Experience 
I have been on this job all my life and have developed "an eagle eye" that can easily spot a gem among several kids playing out there on the streets. I have gain such level of proficiency over years of practise and experiences with several kind of players

The first thing I look for is the player’s basic skills. How is his handling of the ball when receiving? Does he want the ball and how is his understanding of the game when you consider his movement?

Special skills is another interesting factor which could be if the player has got two good feet’s or has got quick feet. Other abilities you pay attention to is his level of passing in general – is he comfortable on the ball, under pressure and does he hit the ball with power and precision when needed? Different skill set is required for different position as a goallkeeper, defender, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder and Striker.

All players have talent, but their talent might only be suited for the lower leagues. To witness all these different players during my learning process as a scout made me understand and realize what was required to play at the different levels in football.

As a Scout I learn how to do SWOT analysis of any talent I see. What are the player's Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. Some players can have ball skills, but very bad attitude off the pitch, that might be a great threat to their career.

Our Scouting Report
We provide information on some of the top youngsters in West Africa; that can be big revelation at some of the top leagues in the world. Every player on MTE list is someone we have assessed and analyzed their talent SWOT before and are currently monitoring their progress!

What each player on our list share, is the ability to become footballers playing in the big leagues in the near future. GreenHunters Sports international, organizers of MTE, will only publish players ranked as top class in our list, who has displayed outstanding skills and applitude; with supporting video footages for clubs who are interested to see.

Great Value to Players
Our scouting reporting style is telling the story of the player we have discovered and ranked top class...true and honest analysis,  painting the players skills and potentials in words, to let the club have a clear visual picture of the kind of player we are offering them.

To the player, publishing such Scouting Report on our blog is like an open door or an open window display that never shut down. Any club manager, agent or Scout can access it 24/7. That means the player is just one step closer to having an offer for a club trial test and signing a pro-contract

Extemely Valuable to Clubs
We discover players' potential before anyone else saw it; before they show it to the rest of the world.
For clubs that run on a tight budget, working with us could be a strategy that would likely pay-off. Who knows we can help your club discover another Lionel Messi.

Take some time to view all the players we have published on the blog. Just click "Scouting Report" label at the bottom side of the blog.  If you want to get more information on any of the players we showcased at MTE contact us. Mobile: +234(0)809 877 2556 or Email:

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