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Building NPFL Clubs Through Corporate Sponsorship - The Eunisell Example

Sponsorship is the life blood of sports! It is more sustainable to the life and vitality of sports organisms than government palletives.

Sports generally have suffered terribly in the hands of government. Although, football enjoy government financing by far margine than other sports in Nigeria, yet it largely struggles from under-financing and buerucractic delays in the release of funds.

Consequently, clubs find it very difficult to promptly execute their plans and contractual engagements...poor players and coaching staff welfare, leading to flight of quality players and largely weaken the leagues in Nigeria

With the kind of economic burden on the country, it is clear that government cannot adequately finance football to that level of quality and excellence. The solution is Sponsorship! Creating an enbling structure that will attract Corporate Sponsorships.

Sponsorship deals reflect an interdependent relationship between external companies and football clubs.
Companies need football clubs to promote their brand, using football shirts as advertising boards amongst others, while football clubs need companies to generate sufficient income to boost their finances and potential growth.

For instance, by sponsoring Rivers United, Eunisell, a leading global chemical and specialty fluid management company, has displayed its unwavering commitment to the development of domestic football in the country.

No doubt, it is a pioneering feat for Eunisell as it continues to play a significant role in creating a brand profile in association with Nigeria Professional Football League side, Rivers United...A club formed following the merger of Sharks and Dolphins, in 2016.

In only one year into its existence and sponsorship from Eunisell, Rivers United made an audacious bid for NPFL title, but narrowly lost to rivals, Rangers.

Rivers finished behind Rangers to earn a place in CAF Champions League, which went a long way to extend the Eunisell brand awareness continentially.

Eunisell, as a strategic player in supplying key products and solutions to a wide range of customers operating in Africa, Their partnership with Rivers United has brought the brand to the fore and positioned  it for continential impact.

Eunisell Impact on Rivers United

Club Welfare Package
Rivers united remain one of the professional clubs that pay so well in Nigeria. They pay both their club officials and players promptly; thanks to Eunisell that provided the financial muscle.

 Eunisell is the only sponsor in Nigeria football history that paid bonus of N10 million to their partners for coming second in the league and booking a continential ticket. As result of such motivation, Rivers United emerged the only Nigerian team to reach the group stage of the continental football championship  in 2017.

Rivers united is the only club, apart from Enyimba, that has gone for pre-season abroad (in Spain) and travel for most of their away matches in first class flights.

Today, Rivers United is more competitive as they continue to attract some of the best quality players in Nigeria and beyond. Players are no longer in a hurry to leave or abscond for unnecessary trials abroad, because of fear to loose their place in this lucrative club.

Fans Growth
The Rivers United brand continues to evolve as it now appeals to an increasing number of fans in its area of influence and beyond. Statistics reveal an increase in match day attendance for Rivers United compared to the past when it functioned separately as Sharks and Dolphins.

Expectedly, the presence of Eunisell on the club’s shirt has created an emotional link with fans and increased the merchandising of the club official shirts. More fans are attracted to buy teams replica shirts, often sold out on key match days.

Social Media
With #EunisellFootball, Eunisell continues to evolve a brand profile for the Rivers United via Social Media...with contents that more often go viral on the internet. Obviously, Eunisell partnership with Rivers United is building the club much more strongers and viable for future conquests.

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