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How Bottom Power Can Make Women Football More Attractive to Watch In Nigeria

Did you know what "The Beyonce Factor" means?  Oh well, here in Nigeria we call it "Bottom Power!"
"The Beyonce factor" refers to that touch of excellence that make anything the American female music star do turn out to be classic and so attractive to the world.

Though here in Nigeria, people generally refer to "bottom power" as those sexual antics (seductions) women do to hold men spellbound in other to manipulate them. But most fashion practitioners would rather refer "Bottom power" as those beauty enhancements (makeovers, hip and boist ehancers, tight fitted clothes that exposes these essentials) that makes a woman look so attractive beyond her natural endowments. As they usually say, "It's all about Packaging."

Packaging women football in Nigeria with some touch of excellence will make it more attractive to fans of both genders. It requires thinking out of box, to volt face women football away from Winning at all cost syndrome (which has bedeviled men football) to creating a more condusive family entertainment atmostphare in all Nigeria Women football league (NWFL) and the women federations cup venues.

The men’s football has changed completely due to shifts in audience behaviour and technology. But the industry in Nigeria is struggling to keep up with the envasion of more sophisticated European games. The fans will rather go to the "stadium Next Door" to watch over satellite TV their favorite UEFA champions league or Premier League, while Nigeria pro football league games are played largely on empty stadia.

But women’s football is wide open, like a blank canvas ready to be worked on and paint out something so beautiful for all to admire. And the growing audience at the Samuel Ogbomedia stadium during the 2017 federations cup was a pointer to this fact. The potentials are all there to grow women football audiences across the country. Although, Aiteo has pioneered sponsorship in this strand of sports, but I foresee brands queuing up in partnership with women football in the coming years.

It's all about packaging!

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