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Nigeria Goes Spiritual: Fans to Undertake Fasting and Prayer against Iceland

It will take more than just desire and passion to succeed against Iceland. Let us be realistic, statistics, FIFA ranking and recent records shows that the Iceland team is by far better than Nigeria

Iceland had in the recent past beaten Croatia, England… the teams that has beating Super Eagles of Nigeria black and blue.  So where do we anchor our hope if not to call on the “god of soccer” to have mercy and show favor.

Miracle does happen in football, it happened in Atlanta 96, and in Dammar Saudi Arabia. That is why I recommend that Nigerian fans should not stop at wishful thinking alone, but to go into prayer and fasting ahead the Iceland match. For me, that may just be the only saving grace, or Nigeria may be on their way back home after the game. Sorry, there’s a guarantee third match, whether win or loose

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