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UK Football Showcase - For Players Between the Ages of 18 and 23 Years

This may just be the opportunity you are waiting for, Global Soccer ID stage a football talent showcase in Swindon United Kingdom thisJuly 18 to 24, 2018.

The showcase will bring together Scouts from clubs in the UK and other European countries; as well as Scouts from  MLS clubs and collegiate teams in USA and Canada.

This showcase is also suitable for foreign amateur players seeking to break into Youth teams of top flight clubs in europe and the US; as well as student players seeking scholarship admission into colleges and universities both in USA and Canada.

Showcase fee is £1600 (One thousand six hundred pounds), excluding all other expenses such as accommodation, feeding or medical care.

GreenHunters Sports International, a sports marketing outfit in Nigeria is given the exclusive right to assist players coming from Africa

For Nigerian players willing to attend this showcase, may follow a slightly different procedure because of the challenges of obtaining a UK Visa in the country.

Players first pay £300 (three hundred pounds) to obtain a direct Invitation Letter from the organizers. And if the player succeed in getting a visa.. and at Arrival will pay the balance of £1300 (one thousand three hundred pounds).

For further inquiries call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556

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