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Meeting with A Football Consultant in Nigeria - May Be All You Need Now

Pursuing football career or business in Nigeria may be such a daunting task that could lead to lots of frustrations... The terrain is complex and complicated because football as well as other sports hasn't developed commercially in this country.

The right business structures are not in place, so the system doesn't  flow freely without intermittent hiccups. This is the reason you need a football consultant like Benson Chukwueke of GreenHunters Sports International, who understands the terrain and the way football works in Nigeria; to guide you, to help you find opportunities and solutions with his expertise skills and networks..

Who is a football consultant and what can he do for You?
Football consultants are sport marketing experts that specializes in football business, working with and helping to broker deals for players, coaches, football teams and corporations seeking involvement in football sport on a professional or commercial level..

Consultants broker sports business deal, ranging from corporate sponsoships at various levels such as tournaments and events like Copa Lagos Beach Soccer or Masterclass Football Talent Exhibitions.

Sports consultants also help players find professional contracts and gain endorsement deals. Players such as Stephen Odey of MFM football Club sign a new contract deal with FC Zurich Germany; then Premier league star and Arsenal play Alex Iwobi are earning thousands of dollars from new endorsements deal with LG as of 2018, with most of the deals set up by football consultants or agents.

Consultants develop extensive networks. They get to know as many players, coaches, administrators co-sport marketers and corporate brand managers as possible. They leverage such connections and contacts to land deals, create opportunities and solutions for their clients.

For a small consultation fees you can arrange a meeting with Benson Chukwueke... As a football consultant and CEO of a sports marketing agency GreenHunters Sports International, located in Lagos Nigeria, you should be rest assured something positive will come out of your meeting with him.

1. Get A Road Map for A Successful Football Career
Doesn't need to be the major deals, even if you have a kid about 16 years old or above, who is showing some exceptional football talent, your best bet is to book appointment with Mr. Chukwueke and together you can both draw a roadmap that your kid will follow to a successful professional football Career.

Professional football career isn't just about being a pro-player or coach.... whether you want to become:
Player's Agent (Intermediary)
Sport marketing and management
Club or Academy entrepreneur
Sports merchandiser
Stadium or event manager....

It is important to get a professional counseling and possible guide. It make things work faster and avoid unnecessary trial and error.

2. Support Service to Land A Sponsorship or Endorsement Deal
It is nearly imposssible to close a corporate sponsorship deal without a professional input from a consultant, because there are lots of technicalities involved. Unless, the company is treating the deal as corporate social responsibility (CSR) thing and doesn't involve substantial amount of money to finance.

The truth is, no corporation will hand you a dime if you can't convince them beyond any reasonable doubt
that their association or partnership with your team, tournament or event will directly or indirectly profit their marketing goals and objectives.

This is reason you need a support service from a consultant who is not only knowledgeable and skilled in this regard, but also has extensive network to breakdown or bypass the barrier (Gatekeepers). You may need a consultant to
Brainstorm on posdible sponsorship elements and fit
Writing of proposal
Penerating companies and Corporate Brands
Joining Team for presentations and negotiations
Monitoring Sponsorship elements...

You will always need a sport marketing expert to support a pro athlete like you, to close an endorsement deal and sign the contract dodocuments with a corporate brand.

3. Get Expert Guide for your Public Relations Endeavours or Project
Well, not many football professionals understands the importants and the role of public Relations to success of their football career.

Your fans (your community) as well as the media must see you in a positive light to enhance your value (level of influence) both in your team and among corporations (sponsors and endorsers).

Only sport marketing expert can guide you on how to engage your community and ehance your image through media appearances. You need a consultant especially when you need_redeem a poor public image and to enhance public acceptance.

As I said before, for a small consultation of N10,000 (ten thousand naira only) for not more than two hours meeting, if you schedule to the "
meet here in Lagos. But if the meeting is outside Lagos, then the price will be negotiable.

So If after reading this article you discover what you darely need now is a football consultant, then Call or WhatsApp: +234(0)809 877 2556 to get touch with Benson Chukwueke.

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