CUSTOMIZING SPORT WEAR IS HOT: Over 20 Million Nigeria Football Fans Want Their Name On Their Jersey Now!

Can you order your Chelsea jersey over the Internet with your name printed on it? Yes, you can! But not many Nigeria football fans buy their jersey over the internet. Not many of them could afford to pay =N12, 000 or more, which is the price of an original replica jersey from a Chelsea store on the internet. Fans would rather purchase the cheap ones imported from China, which goes for between N1, 000 to N2, 500; but would also want it customized.

Previously, fans preferred to buy Jersey of some reigning football stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba... But, the trend has changed now. Fans who purchase replica jersey from local shops in Nigeria also want the jersey customized with their preferred name or nickname printed on it. Mcdonald Obiora, the sole proprietor of McDonald sports shop at Yaba market, realized that he could no longer sell plain jerseys imported from China. "I guess we're in the customization era, people want a personal touch on everything they purchase today, computers, mobile phones, jerseys... is making it big in the customization of computers. Most popular clubs in Europe, Manchester united, Arsenal, Barcelona... have been customizing jerseys for fans on demand through their websites. Mr. Obiora said, "I sell jerseys to my customers and help them customize it at digital prints, Montgomery street Yaba and it has help my sales."

If you're a sport ware dealer, you can double your sales and yet make extra revenue from customizing replica jerseys. You can get more football fans rushing to your shop in large numbers if you can print the name or nickname each one of them prefers on the jersey. In one of my posts on "Inspired football4life" I discussed extensively on how you can start a trade and profitably manage a football merchandizing business. The article has generated an overwhelming response, over a thousand readers. Some of them commented on how the article was helpful to their business start up (click here to read it). Well, as a result of that article more people has gone into Jersey merchandizing business and the competition is now so intense that you need to find a strategic way to attract one more customer into your shop. You can as well take advantage of the customization trend in market.

3 Ways You Can Satisfy Fans Demand for Customized Jersey

1. Sell and Customize Jersey: If you already have a sport shop where you sell jersey, then you should be thinking about adding Sublimation heat transfer print machine and learn how to print on the jerseys with same font and size. It'll quickly shoot up your bottom line.

2. Locate close to a Printing Shop: Locate your sports shop close to Shomolu printing market, where you can find the right sublimation heat transfer printers to help you customize for your customers on demand.

3. Buy Only Sublimation Print machine: You can even start by buying only your own sublimation print machine and locate close to Oluwole market at Lagos Island, where you’ll find many Jersey dealers and customers seeking where to customize their jersey.

You can buy a sublimation heat transfer print machine for Jersey customization at Jinjiang Haitchang machinery trade co ltd, China Mainland or Dongguan Sungteng printing machinery equipment co ltd, China. Price is between N450, 000 to N500, 000.

How To Find Finance

If you have not been able to raise the finance to buy your own sublimation print machine, which cost between N350. 000 to about N500, 000. You may decide to for a loan from any micro finance bank around you. I recommend first bank micro finance. They can sure give you loan, if you show evidence of your business capacity to payback as scheduled. You may be required to provide two guarantors.

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