THE LONE CRUSADER: Emeka Nwani Preaches Nigeria Football With So Much Passion

Now, don't ask me. Ask Emeka Nwani anything you want to know about Nigeria football. Especially Nigeria Premier League (NPL), where there's almost no media coverage. Super Sports may show you some selected matches on television, while most newspapers and radio stations may just give skeletal reports, but Emeka Nwani will give you details of all matches played across the country - whether it was played in far away Gombe or behind close doors in Calabar, I mean closed stadium, be sure Emeka will know everything that went on there.

We all rely on him to get updates. The info you get from him is quite reliable. When I say "We" I am referring to his fellow Journalists, bloggers like myself, fans, clubs, and even NPL administrators always consult with him when there's controversy surrounding any matter arising such as, who's the current highest goal scorer in the league, who actually scored in the last matches played as well as issues like corrupt practices and clubs' in-disciplinary actions. Emeka will give you the most reliable and accurate story of the incident.

Emeka is one of the Journalist trained by Paul Bassey, a renowned sports journalist in Nigeria, during the early 90s' and he has worked with many publishing and broadcasting stations in Lagos. He was also one time a media officer of NPL. Over the years, Emeka has carved a niche for himself, maybe due to his unrelenting love and believe in Nigeria football. He told anyone who cares to listen to support a Nigerian football club, Emeka himself is a supporter of Rangers International and has refused to support any English Premier League Clubs unlike most of his fellow sport Journalists and fans across Nigeria.

Emeka has managed to get the interest of fans and most football stakeholders in Nigeria to watch Sports Splash on Lagos Television regularly from 9am to 10am, every Monday to Friday.  I do not miss it myself. Sports Splash has become the most authoritative sports program in Nigeria today due to his up to the moment info about Nigeria football in general. I am not undermining the contributions of other Sports Splash crew members.

I must use this opportunity to give Kudos to all the Sports Splash crew. Especially the anchor, Godwin Enakhena, I hope I got the spelling right. You're doing a wonderful work. I hope to write about you someday. What amazes me is how Sports Splash is able to attract the who's who in Nigeria football. You find some of them appear live, while other phone-in during the program.

When I was about writing this article, I thought if I should call Emeka "The Journalist who loves Nigeria football" or perhaps, "A human Encyclopedia of Nigeria football." Emeka is all of these and more. His love for Nigeria football is incomparable. He has built such an efficient network that delivers up to date information at his finger tips. With such passion to promote Nigeria football and the informative power he possess, I personally think Emeka Nwani is one person that should be considered as Media Officer of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) or even the NFF Chairman – ah ah ah ah ah! I know why Emeka himself will laugh at me. But I mean it. You truly deserve a pat on the back.

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