SPIRITUAL MEN BEHIND NIGERIA FOOTBALL - Foretell Turbulent Times In The Quest For 2014 World Cup Qualification

Will it be another bad news?  Super Eagles may not qualify for 2014 Africa Cup of Nations and the World cup in Brazil, if we don”t listen and act on the prophecies foretold by some prominent spiritual leaders in Nigeria. Or maybe, we should just ignore such predictions; football is more science than fiction you may say. And the mystery surrounding any football game could be unravelled by some scientific approach. The fact is, even though we've felt that the prophecies in the past were mere predictions, before our very eyes we've seen them come to pass.

Prophet T.B.Joshua, the founder and general overseer of Synagogue for all nations, has been one spiritual leader behind Nigeria football in recent times. Some renowned national team players like Nwankwo Kanu, Joseph Yobo... had at one time or another gone to recieve spiritual counsel and healing from his church. Prophet T.B. Joshua's prophecies concerning Nigeria football all came to pass. He prophecied that the game between Nigeria Vs Guinea will be unfavorable for Nigeria. He also prophecied that Nigeria though will win Mozambique 1 - 0 but it will not be enough to take Super Eagles to the nations' cup. Those incharge of our football ignored his call for prayers. Patrick Ekeji, the then director general of sports in Nigeria said, "We cannot subject our football to some spiritual abracatabra..." Well, before our own eyes we saw that prophecy came to pass in a match we could have easily won in Abuja.

According to Prophet T.B. Joshua, "God still talk to us, God still tell us about the future. One thing we should know, prophecy is a call for prayers so that God may intervene and utter the foreseen unfavorable condition for a person or a nation." Well, many has said Prophet T.B. Joshua is not a true man of God, that he practice spirit-ism and it's dangerous to follow the counsel of the ungodly. Well, it's not within the scope of this topic and don't ask me if he is or not a man of God. I don't know!

Prophet T.B. Joshua is not the only spiritual man that has prophesied a turbulent future for Nigeria football. Alhaji Busari Na'Allah, who predicted Aminu Maigari's pre-election and post-election turbulence as NFF President, has again said, "I see a sea of wilder turbulence in Nigeria football landscape, Prayers! uh n, it's scary."

 And most recently, the spiritual Head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elisha Ayodele prophecied "Stephen Keshi will take certain steps that will cause ripples in NFF and may jeopardize Nigeria's quest for 2014. He needs to be watchful."

I guess it's another call for prayers and the administrators of Nigeria football should begin to take some of these prophecies serious. Believe it or not football has spiritual influences like any other endeavor in life. I cannot just imagine what will happen to Nigeria football if we fail to qualify for Africa Cup of Nations and the World Cup in 2014. May God help us! It’ll not good for business. It'll not be something to cheer about.

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