Even if you feel Super Eagles games are so boring to watch and you think that you may just find yourself dozing off in the stadium, then you've not seen the carnival! Over 10, 000 members of Nigeria supporters club trod the stadium to support and create entertainment. And you'll so laugh at some of the comical concepts, human beings painted green white green (color of Nigerian flag) acting as if they were mummies or robots.

You have no choice, but to pay attention to their performance. A lot of people not only watch, but also join in singing and dancing. Then, you would see the gyrations of a half naked fat man with a very large tummy, carrying a pot of fire. And another dressed like an Imam, with a Qur'an and Jalaps in his hands. And yet you see another carry a holy bible. It seems perhaps, they are trying to say in images, that they've summoned all the gods in the land.

It's drumming, singing, dancing, cheering the Nigeria team all the way. There's no dull moment with Nigeria supporters club. And you can never stop them from cheering the team Nigeria, whether its Super Eagles, flying Eagles, Eaglets or Falcons; whether the team is traveling for the World cup, Olympics, African cup of nations in far away Japan, Australia, or South Africa, the supporters club goes with them. The chairman Dr. Rauf Ladipo said "We're not just the Super Eagles supporters club, we support team Nigeria in all sports."

One thing so remarkable about Nigeria supporters club is their love for the sport. They are not violent and you cannot associate them with negative reports or actions to intimidate opponent team or fans or perpetrate riotous behaviors even when Nigeria team is loosing. They keep supporting and urging the team with their popular song "All we're saying, give us more goals."

The attitude of the supporters club has gotten attention of the world. Many sport marketing experts agree that Nigeria supporters club is a model to emulate across the world. "I think they are the most glamorous supporters club you can find around the world today; they add so much beauty to any game that involves Nigeria.

With the contributions of the supporters club, FIFA awarded Nigeria the most entertaining team in US'94 World cup. And the most peaceful team in Atlanta Olympics. One Super Sports analyst once said, "When you hear football fans say we miss Nigeria in any tournament, what they are actually saying is, we miss the glamour, fun, and carnival Nigeria supporters bring to the game."

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