CONFEDERATION CUP BEEF UPS: Security Robots to Keep Surveillance On Nigeria Team In Brazil

Security Robots

Security at sporting events has become a hot issue of concern after the recent bombing at the Boston marathon. Although, Brazil has never had to deal with terrorist attack before, but the country isn't taking chances.

Super Eagles and indeed, those that will be accompanying the team to Brazil this June, will not only have to face security men, but some intelligent robots keeping surveillance on everyone. This is part of Brazilian government's plan to use the Confederations cup tournament to test out the use of security robots for the 2014 FIFA World cup.

Super Eagles Team

The robots which weigh 60 pounds and customizable parts, including a robotic arm and other features, are operated remotely with a small control unit that essentially is a ruggedized tap top like a game style controller.

The multi-used robot has proven useful for a variety of law enforcement applications, which include the inspection of potentially dangerous areas and objects; the detection of chemical and explosive agents and the removal of suspicious devices.

According to Alison Dean, Executive Vice President of iRobot, the manufacturers of the equipment, "The purpose of these Robots is to keep the operator and other people safe while an investigation is being concluded."

Dean said Brazilian government signed a $7.2 million contract with iRobot, " customize for the purpose of the 2014 FIFA world cup, Robots and small unmanned ground vehicles which can provide surveillance, bomb removal and other law enforcement missions." She explained, "30 Robots would be delivered by the end of the year, along with spare and other support gear."

Bomb Detector and Remover
 The government confirmed that some will be in action in the six cities hosting Confederations cup matches.

Brazilian President, Dlina Rusself had already announced that security will be reinforced along 10, 000 miles of the country’s borders in preparation for the Confederations cup. About 20, 000 troops are expected to be added to reinforce security in the region.

The Brazilian Air force has earlier this year invested nearly $25 million to purchase two Israel-made drones to help provide public safety. It already had two unmanned planes since 2001. The air force is now planning to have a new radar system in place.

Brazil shares borders with 10 countries in South America. Most Police actions in the region involves combating drug traffic and illegal entrance of smuggled goods.

Brazil plan to have between 3, 000 to 5, 000 soldiers in the twelve host cities during the world cup in June 2014. Brazil will also be hosting the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the first in South America. The President is particularly making sure security is foolproof.

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