Etisalat Video Pak Score High in Nigeria | Using Unlimited Data to Steam Live Football Match on Mobile

 Etisalat Video Pak has been an instant success in Nigeria. Over 30, 000 new subscribers suspected to be Redeem Christian Church of God and Christ Embassy members who used the Pak to stream their global church services in last two months.

More and more mobile users in the country are switching over to the network for the sake of the Video Pak and the crazy football fans has embraced the product so much that it could overrun the company’s capacity. It may have been a surprise even to the inventor, as it became clear that the demand for the video Pak might outstrip the other smart Pak – Chat Pak and Social Me Pak.

The video Pak is exactly what football fans in Nigeria have been waiting for, especially those with very busy schedule, who are always on the go. The Video Pak has become an answer to their yearnings – talk about a mobile telecom providers that listen to its customers.

“My Name is Andy Ugwu, I’m a driver with Briscoe and I understand the nature of my job. Sometimes, I stay late night waiting for my Boss to come out of a meeting. I am so lucky to have an understanding Boss. I have told him a day before that I would like to close early to watch UEFA Champions’ League match between Manchester City V Barcelona.”

“Hmmm, he knows I’m an ardent Barca fan and I would feel so bad if I miss the match. So that Tuesday afternoon he bought me N400 Etisalat recharge card and introduced the Video Pak to me. He knew he was going to stay late in the meeting and won’t let me go.”

“So while waiting in the car, I steam the match live on one of his Tab and the data didn’t run out.  I was so surprise and at the same time I was so happy with the uninterrupted steaming. I don’t have to be worried about missing a match anymore, I’ve got the solution!”

The Video Pak is one of the Smart Pak Etisalat Nigeria launched in January 2015, in response to its subscribers’ varied preference when it comes to data consumption. Etisalat understands that everyone has a favorite Internet Lifestyle, whether it’s Social media blogging, chatting or video steaming… The packages are positioned to give subscribers unlimited access to the content they use most in an easy to understand format that suit their lifestyle.

While speaking on the relatively new product, CEO, Etisalat Nigeria, Mathew Wilsher said: “The Etisalat Smart Pak is different from all-purpose Easy blaze bundle, which charges customers for size of data they want, rather each pack provide unlimited access to specific service within a time frame.”

“The Video pak offer 2 hours access to steam for only N400. By this, subscribers can watch their favorite football match or make up video without thinking of the cost of data.” Wilsher explained.

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