Football Run in My Blood - Storytelling | Write, Get Published, Stand a Chance to Win Nokia Lumina SmartPhone and Other Fabulous Prizes

Does football run in your blood that you just can’t live without it? You love to play, watch and talk about it so much that one great match is enough to make your day. Maybe, it’s all in your family lineage – your Dad or uncle, your mom or aunty played the game at some point or work in sports or have a football business. Tell us your story.

We want to celebrate your football passion, your football vision, your favorite team(s)… Share all the victories and challenges that made you fall in love with the beautiful game.

We know most fans have interesting story to tell, but we also understand that you may not be a professional writer – No problem! We’ll edit your write-up and if necessary polish it exactly the way you would like it to appear on our facebook fan page.

This is not an essay competition. We’re just looking for a way to ‘give back’ and celebrate our fans. We feel you telling your story, your own way, would make all the difference. HOW? You never call tell who would read it. It could give a fresh inspiration to someone out there – that’s the idea.

This is the reason we want to publish you on ‘Inspire Football’ fan page on facebook. Some of the best stories we receive will also feature on our blogs – Inspire football and Cheer on Nigeria. These would give your story a great social media exposure and an opportunity to be celebrated across the world.

Ok, let me give 3 sample of ‘Football is in my blood stories that would give you idea of how to craft your own story. But then, you can be as creative as you would want to be.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

This is the interesting part, for sharing your story; you stand a chance to win our star prize – A Nokia Lumina Smartphone, for the best story. The contest is open for stories we received from April 1st to June 31st, 2015.

Of course, you could still send in your own football story after the period, but you will not be eligible for the Prizes.

We would like to publish every story we receive, but of course, we know there are stories our editors would just have to discard – that would be extreme cases and regrettable though.

We are even looking at encouraging more fans to write by giving out Jersey to the first 10 stories that features on our fan page – so hurry, start writing now!

How it Works
  • Write your own football story on Microsoft word, not more than 400 words, with your name, phone number and email address
  • Scan your own photo, saved with jpeg (Preferably photo where you put on a football Jersey or casual wears) - Compulsory
  • You may like to send 1 - 3 photos that would help tell your story better - Optional
  •  Send your write up and photos via email attachment to:

We're looking forward to receiving your story as soon as possible.

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