Titus Eche Aba: How we Discovered another Cristano Ronaldo - at the Greenball Talent Assessment Program in Lagos Nigeria?

It was a great program, as we say a big congratulation to Titus Eche Aba who was at the GreenBall Football Assessment program on Monday April 182016 at former National Stadium Surulere Lagos. Indeedwe feel we have discovered another Cristano Ronaldo from this part of the world.

He has been extremely hot to handle since he arrived and today in a friendly match with Shunbi Olympicsand he scored a quick hat trick in just 20 minutes of the game before he gaseous because of the scourging Sun with a heat temperature of 37 degrees.

To find him playing this way, when he is less than 45% fit is something incredibleI wonder how he would play when he is fully fit.  He just came out from a first semester examination

Titus is presently studying Computer Science at the University of Makurdi and hardly had playing time in school because of his course work load and for the fact that the university does not have a regular team.

This 20 years old attacking midfielder amazed everyone as he controlled the game floating accurate and visionary passes and how he easily cut out opponent defender with an incredible eye for goal.

During our interactive session with him we found out he had already won several awards while he participated at the Kennedy football institute in USA 5 years ago when he was 15 and has grown to be a talent the world will behold, with great team spirit and leadership skills.

HopefullyTitus will join FC Piratethe men's team of University of Kansas US this spring, where he would complete his under graduate education on Athletic Scholarship. 

Although, we opted to put him in a major team in Europe at first, but Titus insisted he wanted to combine playing with education and I think that's a smart decision.

Titus wasn't the only person considered good enoughyoungsters like Kingsley Akagu Victor AniJohn okunola Temitope Badmus. Oyekachi Justin were successful and given opportunity to sign a Mandate with GreenHunters Sports Internationalthe football marketing consultant that will line them up for trials in Europe soon.

GreenBall Talent Assessment has its funny side too some “I can Play” youths appeared at the scene to understand that to play professional football was more than wishful thinking. Their football were laughable and brought lighter moments to the rigorous training. We couldn't help but laugh.

GreenBall Assessment Program attracted several youngsters across the country from: KanoAbujaJos KogiBenueEdoAnambraImoAbia... and they all assembled in Lagos Nigeria at different scheduled time. Ssebowa Disan from Uganda and 5 other players from Equatorial Guinea wanted to be at program but we couldn't process their invitation document.

 We are excited with what we have achieved with the program so far and we have decided to make the Assessment more regular sowe can give more young talents opportunity to be discovered.

We are not just looking for good playersbut outstanding talents. Well thenif you think you have what it takes quickly call us to see if you can meet the requirement to book a date for your own assessment. 

Feel lucky and call us now: +234 809 877 2556.

#GreenBall Trial Camp - An African Goal Project.

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