Playing Against Luck: when Luck Is Not On Your Side - The Game plan

Some of the lessons we learn playing football are actually lessons for life... In football, the coach always tell his team to be ready to play against the "12th man on the pitch." That means to say, the referee can just be against your team and you cannot do much about it, but to manage him althrough the game.

In such a situation, your team must be very careful and work excellently to avoid not to play into the hands of the referee and incure his wrath. The team must not be frustrated by the referee's antics or they may loose concentration and that will be deserterious.

They say there's always the element of luck playing out in the game of football... the unforeseen forces like when a player shoots the ball and suddenly the wind blows it to the otherside or when the ball bounce on the field and slips off lower than the goalkeeper's calculation.. When a team tries all it's  best but  the ball just refuse to go into the net, but will always hit the bar... so we say luck is playing against the team.

These things happen... sometimes, the 12th man (the Referee) and the 13th man (mother Luck) can both be playing against your team or you as individual. So how can you salvage such situation?

It is laughable when some teams go into a crucial match hoping that Luck will be on their side... So much as it is in life many still waiting, hoping that one day luck will show up and change their situation for the better... It is outrageous to leave your game plan to such chance.

What of if luck is not on your side or even playing against you...

It's about your mindset and approach to life.... Circumstance doesn't just change without you deliberately working at it... Waiting for mother luck leads to mediocrity and acceptance of what circumstances of your existence throw at you...without pushing beyond human unlimited abilities.

Reverse your mindset and stop believing there's anything call luck. You will release a new understanding that it is dependent on you and you alone to push away the limits

In building  your team like the German national team, fondly called the German machine, you must select not only effective and efficient players, but players who can and are also ready to push the limit and excel above such fathom as mother luck.

Playing against luck, you will not leave anything to chance... you will work to get it right at the slightest chance and super-impose the firepower of your team against any element of the game.

So you actually train your players to play like smart machines... Fully applying technology in building the team's framework... taking cognizant of little details such as ball weight as against wind gage. Using wearables to determine players fitness and fit into the team's nomenclature... the passes, the shorts must measured to an almost absolute level to be effective enough.

This is future of football.. soon drones shall take the job of referees and bring refereeing to it's near perfection according to thr rules of the game.

As an individual strife for excellence and learn to use modern technology to improve yourself to be more effective and efficient in all ramifications.

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