1 -New Betting Niche Taking The World By Storm - Be the First in Nigeria to Get Your Hands on This!

My presentation at the Sport Marketing round table in Protea Hotel Lagos Nigeria last weekend was an eye opener for most of the young enterpreneuers who wanted to invest in Sports... and if you are one of those searching for what could be the next BIG THING.

This is what I have to say....
Going by the way eSports is rocking the world rightnow, invest your money on eSports Betting!!
- the early bird eat the fattest meal. Be one of the first in Nigeria to get your hands on something that is real Big and can secure the future for you. You'll be well established and miles ahead before many investors and Venture Capitalists realize how Big, the business potentials of eSports Betting.

- Where there is Competition, there is betting! Traditional forces on Sports betting as well as start-ups jump at this new betting niche. Name them: Pinnacle, Bet365, Enitrogen Sports, eSports Bet, Dat bet... eSports is Pinnacle's 7th Biggest market in terms of volume.

The majority of global Sports betting companies already offer eSports Betting, while the eSports scene is still growing rapidly and spreading around the world like wild fire.

Since 2014, various start ups focused solely on eSports Betting and Fantasy Leagues emerged. One of the biggest players in Sports Betting worldwide, PINNACLE, first began experimenting  on eSports betting in 2010 and the market has doubled in size for them for four consecutive years. In december 2014, they reach one million eSports Bets. This makes PINNACLE's the seventh biggest markets in terms of volumes, exceeding sports like Golf and Rugby.

Recently, an eSports Championship in China recorded a higher betting volume than top Premier league soccer games. Korea has witnessed such eSports disrruption of soccer betting volumes several times since 2015  till date.

eSports Growing Audience in Nigeria
eSports relatively unknown in Nigeria scenery has shown some flickers of light.... GreenHunters Sports International research shows that over 850, 000 millenials scattered around Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and their environs already have appreciable knowledge of eSports and watch major eSports Championships either on Satellite TV or over the Web. Few has already purchased eSports perapherials and trying their hands on the new digital Sports, while some are yearning for local eSports Betting platforms where they can receive pay outs.

With the rapid growth of eSports audience in Nigeria in last two years, it is expected to reach 10 million fandom and develop about a million active players in 2020.

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