KingsPass Require Most Fans to Use their Mobile Device As Match Tickets in the Coming NPFL Season

The coming season in Nigeria Professional football League may mark the first major sporting event in the country where most fans will not be allowed to use paper tickets to get into the stadium.

Rather, GreenHunters Sports International, the elite sports marketing firm in Nigeria is proposing to League Management company (LMC) to official partner with Believers Loveworld (BLW) KingsPass.

KingPass will require all fans to use their Apple iOS and Android devices to gain entry into all NPFL matches  in 2020 league season.

“The use of mobile ticketin:g for NPFL matches is to further increase the safety and convenience of both the ticketing process and mobile entry for fans,” GreenHunters CEO Benson Chukwueke told CheerOnNigeria.

Believer Loveworld a.k.a Christ Embassy Church organize major programs like International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC), where over 20, 000 delegates can only be allowed to enter the presigious Loveworld Convotation Area (LCA) through KingsPass mobile tickets on their Apple iOS or Android devices.

The mobile tickets clearly differentiates between pastors of different categories and partners, by kingschat QR code color... This can easily be adapted in NPFL matches to differentiate VIP, Cover stand and the popularside tickets.

 “Tickets will only be printed onsite on opening match day... the first step for troubleshooting on match day is that everyone will be shown how to download Kingschat App and how to purchase your mobile ticket with your device.”

KingsPass is actually a menu on Kinschat.

The advantages of using mobile insead of paper tickets are enormous. It's in-line with the cashless and paperless policy.

1. It is so convenient, it takes away long queues suffering and struggles for ticket onsite on match day. You can purchase (pay and receive) ticket via online on your mobile device long as the ticket isn't sold out.

2. More efficient ticket management. It is easy to regulate and acertain the amount of ticket sold at anytime. Sales sutomatically stop when tickets are sold out.

3. No racketering or fake ticket sales: mobile ticketing put an end to corruptions that stem from fake ticketing or black market ticket racketering.

4. Safety: mobile ticketing with Kingschat App identifies every person that purchased the ticket and everyone that eventually entered the every ticket must be scanned and verified authentic. Advance stage of using kingchat mobile ticketing may even indicate stadium seat numbers. Already functioning in most smart stadiums around the world.

5. Data and Marketing: kingschat mobile ticketing provide the team data of how frequently individual fan attend matches and the type of tickets they prefer to purchase. Such data enable the team marketing team to strategize on how they could continually attract majority of the fans to their subsequent games and programs.

But one thing a fan must do is to fully recharge the battery of his or her device, so the ticket on it could easily scanned at the gate of entry around the stadium.

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