Ordinarily, you wouldn’t expect that big brands like Adidas, Soccerex, 1960bet, will bother to sponsor an advertorial posts on a blog like this one. After all, it isn’t that a high traffic blog and it doesn’t come anywhere near publications like The Huffington Posts, Forbes, Two Inch View, Yahoo OMG. These are blogs that record over 1.5 million daily pageview. So what's the catch about this blog anyway?

Perhaps, you may find out what it is all about as I share some of the successes of these advertorial posts on this blog.

New Product Launch: In November 2013, Adidas sponsored an advertorial post on this blog, as a pre-lynch to it’s New Super Eagles (Nigeria National team) Jersey that will be used for 2014 FIFA World cup. Adidas major objective is to build a list of potential customers who may be ready to buy the New Jersey at a discounted rate immediately after lynch.

The post titled: ‘WIN NEWSUPER EAGLES JERSEY: Adidas Launch for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil,’ has recorded 10,265 pageview on this blog as at the time of publishing this post. 9,610 readers has already registered as Super Eagles Active Fans due to this post, which is about 95.3% success rate.

Brand Awareness: The online sports betting company, 1960bet.com, sponsored an advertorial post on this blog in September 2013, with a major objective of getting potential customers link to its website.

The Post titled: ‘HowNigeria Football Fans Are Making Money through 1960 Bet’ Has recorded 15,965 pageview as at the time of publishing this post. 5, 000 readers click the link to www.1960bet.com website; 3, 002 readers contacted us via email and we also had 1,202 telephone conversation with potential customers making inquiry on how to open account or how to become an agent of 1960bet.

Sales Promotion: Jumia online Retail store in Nigeria has an affiliate marketing relationship with this blog. Jumia major objective is to increase its online sales by generating leads and link potential customers to its website.

Jumia write advertorial posts for such special seasonal sales promos as Christmas and Valentine Day. During these two recent seasons, Cheer On Nigeria blog recorded 8,439 cumulative page view and 4,561 click on the link to www.jumia.com website.

Football Event: Few days from now, this blog will be publishing Soccerex African Forum, a football business event coming up later in April 2014.

This isn’t the first time anyway, Soccerex always sponsor advertorial posts on this blog to create maximum awareness for its football business event in Africa, without any wasted budget. For example, in August 2012, Soccerex promoted its football business seminar in Lagos Nigeria. It recorded 1, 050 pageview and based on the information readers received, 30 Sport business personnel registered for the seminar.

It isn’t only Soccerex, even Lagos State government also sponsored an advertorial post in November 2012, to promote the 11th National Sports Festival – Eko 2012.

City Expositions: Apart from the big brands, state governments such as Cross River and Ikwa Ibom have respectively sponsored an advertorial post on this blog, to promote the sports and tourist potentials of both Calabar and Uyo.  It is a great exposition of these two cities capability to host major sports events.

Well, It is all about the kind of results these big brands get out of such advertorial posts. Cheer On Nigeria blog has proved to be an effective and affordable medium of reaching a well streamlined target audience. It provide brands the opportunity to reach online readers with interest in Nigerian football and related matters in Africa.

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